10 ideas

10 ideas to kick start your social video marketing

Have you been told that you need to be using video online to promote your company but you’re just not sure what to talk about or where to begin?

Here I’ll give you 10 ideas for your first videos so you can get planning right away.

1.Brief introduction – keep it really short and sweet, 30 seconds max, who you are and what you do and tell people that you’re going to be posting more videos soon so make sure to like your page to keep up to date.


2. How you’ve helped someone recently –  I mean through your company not your neighbour getting the shopping in the house! Which of your customers was really thankful for your service recently? You don’t need to name names in the video so no permission would be needed from them, but just set the scene, explain the scenario and how you helped them. This puts what you do into real terms for other people who may need your help.


3. Service highlight – pick one thing that you do well and just talk about that. Speak as though you’re sat in front of a new customer and you’re explaining the process to them. Don’t be salesy, be informative. You could do several of these for different services that you offer.


4. Testimonial video – Ask one of your best clients if they wouldn’t mind saying a few sentences about working with you. It will speak volumes to prospective customers to hear it come from another customer’s mouth.


5. Tips or tricks  – Think of a quick tip that would really help your customers. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s useful and relates to your business in some way. If you help somebody now, they’ll be thinking of you when they are in need of your offering.


6. Product demonstration – again, it’s all about being helpful. Could a quick tutorial style video showing people how your product works give them more of an insight?


7. The Process – If you’re a service company rather than a product, then talk prospective customers through your process. Tell them what to expect when they enquire or when they buy from you. Show them the value that you’re offering.


8. Event announcements – If you’re running an event or exhibiting at one or even just attending one! Let your audience know about it and encourage them to come along and say hello to you.


9. Behind the scenes – People love a sneak peak into the unknown. Show them what’s beyond the surface of your company, where the magic happens and how you work.


10. Q & A’s – These are always fun, post on Facebook or twitter that you’re taking questions for your next video and if there is anything they’d like to ask you, now’s the chance. You’ll end up with all sorts but most likely there will be other prospects watching the video who would have the same question.


10 different and interesting social video content ideas to help you on your way to conquering online video marketing!

If you need any help along the way, to talk through ideas, how to film to a high standard, editing or uploading and sharing, just get in touch with us here at Lumina Studios and we’ll be able to help you out.