shoot yourself 18 Aug

When to shoot yourself and when do you call in the pros

Using videos within your online marketing strategy is a very very good idea, video is awesome. We all love watching videos online (GOOD videos anyway)


Have you noticed that some companies shoot their own videos and some have professional polished videos created? Have you ever seen a homemade video that really made you think ...

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video is changing 11 Aug

Video is changing! New wave advertising explained

Video usage online has grown dramatically over recent years, so it make sense that marketers and advertisers are making use of this too.


Video marketing has been recognised as the most effective way to communicate online which is why more and more companies are wanting to get on board with producing their own video ...

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10 ideas 4 Aug

10 ideas to kick start your social video marketing

Have you been told that you need to be using video online to promote your company but you’re just not sure what to talk about or where to begin?

Here I’ll give you 10 ideas for your first videos so you can get planning right away.

1.Brief introduction – keep it really short and sweet, ...

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perfect length 2 Aug

The perfect length for a promotional video

This is a question we’re always asked by client – How long should the video be?


Now, the answer to this does vary project by project but with our expertise and once we’ve worked out the purpose of the video, where it’s going to sit and who the intended audience is it’s easy for ...

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