Artistic flare – Photography shoot

Project Case Study

Not too long ago we met an artist called Dave.  His work fascinated us, as he’s a mechanic by trade who restores classic cars, he uses the scrap metal and spare parts that he has lying about his workshop to create some really unique and beautiful pieces.

His work is always inspired by the natural world which really contrasts with the sharp metallic materials that he uses. Best of all, it’s all recycled! I love the concept of giving a piece of junk a new life so was instantly drawn to his work.

These pieces were created out of passion and at the moment were simply a hobby for Dave, he had no means to market them and get them seen, no website, no Facebook or Twitter, no photo’s.

After a chat about how his art would appeal to quite a large market we had the opportunity to take some professional photos for him to get started.

The photo’s needed to set the pieces right, a standard studio shoot wouldn’t do here. After throwing a few idea’s around we came up with the idea of using a tattoo studio as a setting and we knew the perfect place. Degenerate art in Rugeley has the exact feel we would need, in artists Kris’s downstairs gallery where he displays his awesome macabre paintings.

Here are some of the shots from the shoot, such a great project to work on and a huge thank you to Degenerate Art for accommodating us!

Do get in touch if you are looking for some photography to promote and showcase your own artwork or products.


Session photo (2 of 4)

Session photo (3 of 4)

Session photo (4 of 4)

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