perfect length 2 Aug

The perfect length for a promotional video

This is a question we’re always asked by client – How long should the video be?


Now, the answer to this does vary project by project but with our expertise and once we’ve worked out the purpose of the video, where it’s going to sit and who the intended audience is it’s easy for ...

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LuminaVlog01 - Thumbnail 31 Jan

LuminaVlog_01 – Behind the scenes of a music video

We spend quite a bit of time explaining and proving to people how video marketing can be extremely effective. So we thought we should actually practice what we preach and start treating ourselves the way we treat our clients.

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pexels-photo-88476 11 Jan

Video Marketing in 2017 – What to expect

2016 has been an exciting and revolutionary year for video marketing and online video in general. We saw the launch of 360-degree video on both Youtube and Facebook. The Twitter owned live video streaming app Periscope, blew up and reached 200 million streams just one year after launch, prompting Facebook to launch their rival product, ...

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Copyrighted Music 7 Apr

Why you shouldn’t use copyrighted music to promote your services

Agreed that the music on a video is (almost) as important at the visuals and I totally get it that you absolutely love the new James Bay track and it’ll go perfectly with the style of your video – but be warned! You’re in for a whole heap of trouble if you ignore the copyright ...

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how to video 22 Apr

How to… approach a ‘How to video’

Where is the first place you’d look if you wanted to know how to do something that you’ve never done before?

That could be bleeding the radiator, knitting a scarf, filing your own self-assessment, lose weight or pick a lock. Whatever it is you’d like to learn, I bet you’d search it in YouTube first....

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lumina shot b&w v2 (1) 10 Nov

Does your business need a professional video?

Whether you’re a start-up or an existing business with a lengthy list of clients and work behind you; there may come a time when you wonder “do I actually need a professional video for my business?”

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