2016 collage 2

Lumina Highlights of 2016

We all tend to get very reflective at the start of a new year. As well as looking forward and planning for the next 12 months, we have taken some time out to look back over what we have been up to over the last year and here I’d like to share with you some of our memorable moments.


Last January (which feels like a decade ago!) Sean was sent all over the country to film testimonial interviews for our client CaterQuotes.  He was on the road more than he was at home, with 2612 miles driven in 5 weeks!

Here’s a map showing where this project took him, as  far north as Aberdeen and as far south as Farnborough,  a perfect example of how living in the Midlands does have it’s advantages.

CQ map

With 21 locations in total and 26 video testimonials produced I’m sure we can count this as one Epic Project.

Below shows the final videos, edited to match their existing videos style which were produced by their American Headquarters. All with subtitles ready to be cast across social media.

CQ videos


Back in March we took on a really fun project for the launch of a new door handle fitting system – Jig Tech.

We worked with a fantastic agency to produce a number of videos including a demo of how easy it is to fit a door handle with the new jig.  Spending 2 days on a building site with a great bunch of people and a brilliant presenter, what more could you want?


Jigtech bts Jigtech Still 6





We had a pretty busy summer overall but one project that stood out for me in June was when we worked with The Marketing Room to produce a promotional video for Hednesford Town Council. They needed to drum up local interest in their Neighbourhood plan and encourage people to have their say by filling out questionnaires.

We covered all sorts of things from local conservation, protecting the high street’s independent traders, schooling and housing situations and local heritage.

You can watch the video by clicking the photo of Sean filming on a hillside.




This next project was possibly THE funnest shoot we’ve had to date. We love it when clients think of creative ways to get their message out.

In this case it was a brilliant agency, announcing a prize draw for their client Johnstones decorating centres. They thought of the idea to send all of the entrants a video, where they’d see their name on a paint pot label and have a model throw ping pong balls at them until it landed in one. The name on the pot it landed in would win, simple! It made for a really exciting way to announce a winner, totally fair and totally different. Especially when it took the model at least 50 attempts to land a shot, so the cheers on the video are of genuine excitement that it went in! 😉





In December we had a very exciting milestone. Our first TV advert was broadcast! It was for a Birmingham based solicitor firm called CTS. When they came to us they had their solid idea and needed us to make it happen. We worked alongside their marketing officer to ensure the managing director’s vision was realised.

We always have fun on set and this one was no exception, we hired two fantastic actors to work with and sourced a crashed car (and a replacement) to feature. The day went smoothly and even the rainy weather helped tell the story. The firm were very pleased with the end result, as were we!

Here’s the car arriving to the set looking sorry for itself.

cts bts

Here’s our actors looking all distraught about their situation! (click the image to watch the ad)

CTS stills



So, on reflection, 2016 was a brilliant year for us at Lumina Studios. There were many more interesting projects in between those mentioned here and I think this selection just shows how varied our work can be, this is what we love about working at Lumina Studios!

Here’s to an even better 2017 as we build on the successes of last year and keep on growing. Onwards and upwards!