Music Video - Plains For Breakfast - Short Term Pain

Plains For Breakfast is a collaboration project between acoustic artist ‘Brains For Breakfast‘ and hip hop artist ‘Plain and Simple‘. We were approached by their record label Chameleon Audio to produce the video for their first single ‘Short Term Pain’.

The process was a straight forward one, very similar to how we approach our ‘corporate videos’. We started off with a meeting including both artists and record label in which we mind mapped some possible ideas for what the music video could be. We eventually decided on a POV (point of view) style video, where the audience would experience the story that the song follows in a visual way.

In order to achieve this POV look we could have used a GoPro camera, however we felt that we wanted the video to have a gritty but high end look to it. GoPro’s are notoriously difficult to control certain settings, such as manual exposure and focus and do not perform well in low light conditions. We instead opted to use a Canon 5D Mark III, which would be light enough and using a selection of low aperture lenses (meaning letting more light in) so we could shoot in tight and dark spaces. This required us to build a special rig to attach the camera on to.

This production¬†took us two nights to shoot and two day’s to edit. The video was then released on popular UK music YouTube channel JDZmedia, enabling the video to get bigger exposure resulting in the video getting over 2,000 views in the first 24 hours of being released.



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