NUYU Wellbeing - Fitness Centre Video Package

Video Testimonials


NUYU Wellbeing are a fitness centre based in Sutton Coldfield. They were going through a rebrand and needed some videos to get the message out about who they are and what they do. In total we produced four separate videos for NUYU Wellbeing which included a promotional video, giving an overview of the different services NUYU supply in a straight-forward, easy to follow manner. We also created three testimonial videos from their existing members talking about how NUYU has personally helped them.

We wanted the video to capture NUYU’s vibe, for this we were very careful about how we stylised the video. We chose a fast paced drum and bass track to echo the high intensity of the boot camp, however when the more chilled out interlude of the track comes in, we then explore more about the other relaxed based services they offer. We chose a high saturation look for the colour, getting across the branding’s colours and highlighting the ‘Wellbeing’ part, fresh and vibrant.

If you’d like to know more about NUYU Wellbeing please visit their website.

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