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Stock Images – The curse of stock images

We’ve all been there, a nice new website, Facebook/LinkedIn page or perhaps it’s a blog post. Whatever it may be, you know it needs some exciting visuals to make it look more eye catching, maybe a photo! This is the exact point some people may turn to a stock photo website.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal of stock images, it’s by far the easiest option and if you’re in a rush to get something out there, it may seem like a winning option. It’s really not though, in fact it can have a seriously detrimental effect on your image as a whole.

It’s so generic

“The devil’s name is dullness.” Robert E. Lee

It’s generic, dull, uninspiring and bland. The purpose of visual content is to get your target market/audience attention and then engaged enough to feel the need to interact with you, in other words, hook line and sinker!

Whatever visual content you put out there, it’s ultimately going to represent what your company stands for. If you fill a page with dull and generic photographs, people are going to assume that’s just your style.

Team photo stock

Left: HNS Team photo representing their brand and image. Right: Generic stock image of team, impersonal and bland.

 Stock Images are impersonal

Let’s face it, stock photos have absolutely no relation to you or your company. They contain none of your branding or any members of your team.

Let’s say you own a pie shop and you’re now choosing what images should be on your website. Sure, you could pay a few quid and use a bunch of stock photos that contain some pies and people baking pies, but are they your pies? No, they’re someone else’s. Surely your’s are completely unique to any other bakery out there? Any reputable business will want their product or service to be completely original in their own right, from preparation, execution all the way to presentation.

By using stock images you’re telling everyone that you are like everyone else. Is that truly your desired message?

barrista photo stock

Left: The great folks at ‘Diplomat’s Barista’ doing what they do best, making coffee! Right: Another random barrister in a random coffee shop. The picture is good but it only relates to that particular shop.

 No competitive advantage

This is a simple one. Using stock images doesn’t make you stand out, it actually makes you blend in. In fact, some of your competitors are probably using the same stock images as you. Don’t see photos as an extra topping, see it as an opportunity to demonstrate to your prospects as well as your existing clients just how different you are to your competitors!

Customer support photo stock

Left: SuperfastIT team member helping a valued client. The most important part of this image that prospects can see a face behind the company logo, we know this because the subject is wearing the company logo embroidered on his jumper. Right: Another stock image, nothing unique or personal about it.

 Conclude this already!

So what I’m saying is, yes, it may require a little more effort to get some professional photo’s for your company but if done correctly, in the space of a 2 hour photo shoot you could have photos for your website, LinkedIn page, Facebook, Twitter and blogs for the entire year. In the long run, professional, personal, interesting and well thought out photos will be the winning option!

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