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The perfect length for a promotional video

This is a question we’re always asked by client – How long should the video be?


Now, the answer to this does vary project by project but with our expertise and once we’ve worked out the purpose of the video, where it’s going to sit and who the intended audience is it’s easy for us to advise.


The general rule here would be less is more. If you’re posting an advert style promo video on social media or on your website homepage, 1 min 30 is your goal. 2 minutes at the absolute maximum if you want people to watch all the way through. Honestly though, the shorter the better. We’ve produced videos only 30 seconds long but they had all the necessary info.  It may not sound like very long but really you can fit a whole shed load of info into a 1 and half minute video – if it’s produced and edited well.  


It’s no revelation that our attention spans are dwindling, with the super charged fast pace of social media and online browsing, if you want to grab someone’s attention, do it quickly and concisely, it’ll work much better in your favour.  Time is precious to the average internet user. They say you have the first 3 seconds of a video to grab the viewer’s attention for the next 10 seconds, in which you need to retain attention to earn the next 30 seconds. As soon as a viewer is slightly bored or uninterested they’ll move on.


What usually comes right at the end of a video? That’s where the Call to Action sits, the company logo, the website to go to, the phone number to call, whatever it is, if your viewers aren’t getting that far through the video then it’s all pointless! They’ve moved on and forgotten about it without even really knowing who you are, which is a shame.


So in essence, the shortest time you can fit all of your necessary information into is the perfect length for your company video. Forget introducing every single member of the team, forget waffling on and on about  what you do for lunch arrangements each day of the week… keep it to the point and let the viewer find out more if they’re interested.


The best way to get more information out to your audience is to create a series of videos, each 1 minute long, focussing on different services, FAQ’s or case studies. This will give you a wealth of video content to then share around online, capturing and informing your audience without boring anyone into switching off. These videos can then make up social media posts, e-mail content, blog posts, youtube content to spread your messages further afield.


We offer filming day packages where we can help you plan up to 8 short videos and film them all in one session, the most cost effective way to start building up this content. 


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