video is changing

Video is changing! New wave advertising explained

Video usage online has grown dramatically over recent years, so it make sense that marketers and advertisers are making use of this too.


Video marketing has been recognised as the most effective way to communicate online which is why more and more companies are wanting to get on board with producing their own video content.


So how is video changing? Well truthfully, advertising as a whole is changing, but as I’m an expert on video marketing – that’s what I’ll be talking about here. How it’s changed, how to utilise this to your advantage and what we might see in the near future.

The biggest shift I’ve observed in effective marketing is recognising that audiences don’t want to be advertised to. You need to be smart about your marketing so that you get willing engagement from your audience rather than forced dis-interest that they’ll skip asap.


When thinking about how to use video within your own marketing you really do need to think about the goal you’re trying to achieve and then work backwards from there to realise the content and strategy.


It’s very easy to think “I need a video” then go off and produce a typical promotional video that tells people who you are, what you do, where they can find you, list all the services you offer etc. These promo videos are fine if you want to educate people who have already found you, are looking for what you offer and are ready to make the buying decision. They work very well on your website homepage to convert prospects but they aren’t going to do much to make you stand out above the noise on social media.  


If we’re talking social video marketing and your video is going to appear on someone’s facebook news feed, you need to show them something so good that it stops the scroll and receives engagement. Video views on facebook don’t really count for much as watching 3 seconds counts as a view. Likes are good, comments are great and shares are the icing on the cake. With this in mind you need to be creating content that people will want to share it online. Have a think about the types of posts you share yourself? I’d hazard a guess that they are either humorous, informative or emotionally charged.  These 3 things are the elements that generate the most engagement online.  


Obviously your videos need to relate to what you do, they need to speak to your perfect customer, so maybe it’s worth getting into their heads, finding out the types of posts that they share and getting creative with how you can produce content that will resonate with them and grab their attention.


At Lumina Studios we love nothing more than getting our creative heads on and thinking up new imaginative ways to grab attention online. If you want some help strategizing and planning your video marketing so that you’re getting the most out of a super powerful tool, just get in touch today and let’s have a chat.


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