Video Marketing in 2017 – What to expect

2016 has been an exciting and revolutionary year for video marketing and online video in general. We saw the launch of 360-degree video on both Youtube and Facebook. The Twitter owned live video streaming app Periscope, blew up and reached 200 million streams just one year after launch, prompting Facebook to launch their rival product, Facebook Live.

So what does 2017 have in store for video marketing?

Expect even more videos on Facebook

“We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all our apps and services.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook are investing a lot in video, in fact they’ve never invested more money or time into a project since their “Mobile First” push back in 2012, now 75% of their ad revenue comes from mobile users. So it’s safe to say Facebook are pretty accurate at predicting trends!

The interesting thing about video for Facebook is that they prioritise video over anything else. Anyone who has ever managed a page on Facebook will be familiar with the frustration when none of your followers actually see any of your posts, unless you pay to boost it. Well if you upload a video directly to Facebook then it automatically boosts the video without having to pay a penny.


Chances are, if you’re watching a lot of video online, you’ve probably seen adverts you didn’t even realise were adverts. Just like how product placements have served cinema since the 1920’s, we’re starting to see a similar technique taking over Video Marketing. The theory is that people don’t mind being advertised to along as they are getting something of value from the advert. Whether they are getting a laugh or two, a heartwarming story or even coming away with a fact that they never knew before, it needs to give the audience something worthwhile of their time.

Recently Nissan sponsored the popular YouTuber Pewdiepie to advertise their new Mirca car. You wouldn’t even have realised this was a paid for promotion if the man himself hadn’t told us.

We’ll see a lot more of this discreet advertising throughout 2017.

Live video is taking over

As I previously mentioned, in their quest to overtake YouTube as the number one video streaming site, Facebook prioritises video so everyone who either likes your page or is friends with you, will likely see the video.

So why is Facebook Live proving to be so efficient? It simply engages audiences more, in fact it engages audiences more than three times the amount that pre-recorded video does. The reason for this is that when a user spots that a video is live (they also get notifications), they feel a sense of urgency that they’ll never have the chance to watch the video in real-time again.

It’s great news for users as well because they get to interact with their favourite brand, company or popular figure. They get instant feedback there and then. Oh and it’s all free!

With Twitter’s Periscope being essentially the same product, it’s slightly different to Facebook Live. When you go live on Periscope you appear on a map of users currently live streaming, which means it’s used more on an “off-the-cuff” basis. You may get more viewers on Periscope but it’s less targeted.

VR and 360-degree videos

360-degree video is becoming more and more popular right now. YouTube released their 360 video mode in 2015 but 2016 saw creators taking full advantage of the tool. Now YouTube has an entire portion of their website dedicated to 360-degree video.

Google also released their affordable Cardboard VR headset. Other VR headsets can cost as little as £10 and they can be used with the majority of current smartphones. With this technology now available to users even with the most modest budget, we’ll see 360-degree video popularity grow.

As usual Facebook is hot on the trail with their own VR group and they now let their users upload both 360 videos and photos.


There have been so many developments in the last year that if I carried on this could be a dissertation! In an attempt to keep this blog short and sweet, I’ll wrap it up here.

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