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Small Business Video Packages 


After speaking with many small business owners about video marketing and noticing a similar thought pattern, I felt it was time to cut to the chase and explain the truth about how cost-effective small business video packages really can be.

I’ve found that many people and companies, probably a bit like you if you’re honest, want to jump on board and start using video as part of their online marketing efforts. Yet they still have a slightly distorted impression that it’s going to cost thousands of £££s. Put simply, professional video production for small businesses does not have to cost the earth and you don’t have to pay an extortionate amount up front either. I can however, see how people may develop this line of thinking.

If you’ve ever explored the idea of a promo video, it’s likely that you’ve been quoted thousands as a bog-standard reply. Many video production companies don’t properly consult with you to understand and explain exactly how video marketing could help to achieve awareness and act as a sales tool for your business.

At Lumina Studios we appreciate that small businesses often lack the benefits of a substantial annual marketing budget, if they even have one at all! This is especially so when looking at more innovative forms of media such as video marketing.

In an attempt to change this perception, and to make video marketing affordable for small businesses, we’ve developed some simple and affordable video packages to help the smaller enterprise shine above their competitors. Finally, the small business can add video as part of their marketing arsenal and start uploading fresh video content on a regular basis to showcase their products and services.

Sound good?

I hope so.


Package grid

Small Business Video Package 1  – £350/month

   The Tarantino

What will I gain from this small business video package?

Ideal for those wanting to dip their toe in to the cool waters of video marketing, this package is designed to provide a series of sleek, bang-on-message, fortnightly videos over a three-month period. That’s six professional, bespoke videos that put your business immediately in the limelight. The package acts a little bit like a rolling contract and if you find the first six videos hit the mark with your objectives you can invest in further packages to build up your video portfolio.

Each professional video will last for around 60 seconds and will be tailored to suit your company, your marketing plan and your current goals.

Here are a few suggestions to make a killer small business video:

  • Highlight a particular service or product offer
  • Introduce key members of staff
  • Deliver a live product demonstration
  • Capture a customer testimonial
  • Record a video blog post

Have I got you thinking?

How would the small business video package process work?

First off, we’d hold a creative planning session to develop the content of each video and plan the ideal running order to maximise your investment.

Then the fun really starts!

We’ll book in a full day’s filming and shoot all six videos in one go. After the footage has been filmed, we’ll edit appropriately and add a customised logo animation intro and a matching outro with a strong call to action to entice your customers.

Each week, on a day that suits you, your videos will be available to download and away you go! Upload to YouTube, post to Facebook or LinkedIn, share on Twitter or Instagram, host on your website or even add the videos to your email campaigns and presentations.


You’re finally live with your own company TV programmes!

Small Business Video Package 2 – £450/month

   The Spielberg

The Spielberg is everything you gain from The Tarantino with the added bonus of a few extra scenes. In addition, you will benefit from a customised YouTube channel with bespoke Channel art design and profile picture to suit your branding.

On each new video release day we’ll upload your files directly for you, as well as sending through your usual download. We’ll add targeted relevant information, description and tagging for each video so that you are highly optimised for your customers. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so it’s well worth the effort. In fact, it’s our effort; you don’t have to lift a finger!

To help with your video marketing evaluation you’ll receive a monthly progress report detailing the success of your online video portfolio. This will give you solid figures on how well your investment is performing.

Small Business Video Package 3 – £650/month

   The Kubrick

This small business video package is perfect if your company has a lot to shout about.

You’ll receive all the amazing benefits offered by both The Tarantino and The Spielberg but with double the output. You’ll receive weekly professional videos across a three-month period – a whopping twelve videos in total.

Your videos will be shot over two pre-arranged filming dates – the first day in week one and second in week five. This amazing package will include full YouTube custom development and monthly management plus the all-important monthly report.


So, if you’re ready to start standing out well above your competitors and want to get noticed online, simply pick your small business video Director, and we’ll bring the lights, camera and action!

Contact us today by either emailing or calling 0121 271 0350 and let’s schedule a slice of Hollywood


Here’s an sample video of what you could expect, with this client we used each video to highlight a beauty treatment and included a short but powerful testimonial to finish them of.


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