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When to shoot yourself and when do you call in the pros

Using videos within your online marketing strategy is a very very good idea, video is awesome. We all love watching videos online (GOOD videos anyway)


Have you noticed that some companies shoot their own videos and some have professional polished videos created? Have you ever seen a homemade video that really made you think “wow, that was bad”? It could be the visuals, the audio or the content but if something’s not right, people won’t watch.


As a video marketing pro, I’d just like to state that companies filming their own videos in-house is absolutely fine – but there is a time and a place. Overstepping your limitations and taking it too far can actually have a detrimental effect on your company’s appearance and reputation.


Don’t panic though, if you follow these guidelines you won’t get it wrong and you’ll be rocking the online video marketing.


Whether you need a professional video or whether you should ‘shoot yourself’ really depends on the purpose of the video and where it will sit within your buyer’s cycle.  


The first impression of your company should be an all singing all dancing professional video. This one will be on your website homepage and pinned to the top of your social media pages or set as your cover video. If you try to make this video yourself without any production knowledge, this is where you risk being stereotyped as an amature by giving the wrong first impression. Get in the pros and impress from the beginning.


Another place where getting in the pro’s is going to be essential is when it comes to your explainer video. These need to be planned out perfectly to make sure the information is a succinct as possible and speaks to the audience. They usually involve animation too which requires it’s own expertise.


Where in-house videos do work really well is on social media as content. Short videos of you (or staff) talking to a camera about a specific topic. (See our last blog with 10 ideas for social video content.) These can be filmed on a smartphone and with a few extra tips can actually look really professional.  


Now, think carefully before going wild with in-house video. It just won’t work for some companies, high-end financial advisors for example. They’d do best getting professional videos for all video content as they have a certain level of service to portray. Shakey potato-cam videos in this instance would really put off potential customers.

Where it does work really well is in small companies that want to get across authenticity and transparency.


We hold regular training workshops to show small businesses how they can be producing great video content on their smartphones. Going through all of the do’s and don’t so that you know you’re shining the best light on your company through your videos.


Get in touch today to find out about our next workshop.


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