• 53% more likelihood of getting your website on the front page of Google = increased enquiries!
  • Increased knowledge of your services or products for prospects = increased conversion rate!
  • Appear on the second biggest search engine after Google = YouTube
  • Prove to your prospects and current clients that you know what you’re talking about – be the industry expert you know you are!
  • Get MASSIVE amounts of attention and blow your competition out of the water!

In this post I want to quickly talk about that last point, getting massive amounts of attention. I was recently watching this video interview with marketer heavyweight, Seth Godin who talks about how trust and attention is a new currency when it comes to Business.

In this day and age marketing is all about getting more attention than your rivals. Whether you’re building your own company or marketing someone else’s, it’s your responsibility to grab people’s attention, get them to listen to you and then add value with you what you tell them to retain that attention for as long as possible. On top of having a killer sales process and treating all your prospects with respect, a well thought out content marketing campaign will bring in more leads and convert more prospects in to clients than ever before.

Both history and economists warn us we could see another recession very soon, perhaps even bigger than the last one. Is it really enough to keep relying on referrals and word of mouth to build a solid business that will withstand everything the universe wants to throw at it? We need to position ourselves as an authority figure in our industry so people will seek our advice and answer their questions. If you are successful in doing this then you’ll build up a loyal following on social media who will flock to hear your words of wisdom, eventually marketing will come free of charge with your only investment being time.

You need strangers to literally be crying out to work with you so if that recession does hit, you’re one of the tools in their box!

Here’s how to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field using social media.

Add value

One common mistake business’s make with social media is that they post statuses, tweets or blogs with the only intention to sell. People do not go on social media with the intention to buy, they go on to social media to be social and be entertained. If you want people to follow you and keep following you then you’ve got to add value to their daily lives. You can add value by posting a funny picture, video or simply pointing them to an interesting article you think your target market will be interested in. Always try and relate it back to what do!


Okay, so you have your audience’s attention by posting valuable content, it’s time to show how much you know about your industry. The most important thing to remember here is to not insult your audiences intelligence, they are well aware that you’re producing this content in the hope to gain more clients, just save the selling until they initiate that conversation.

The great Zig Ziglar once said “Selling is essentially the transference of feeling,” you know your product or service works so your educational content should aim to talk about the problems your prospects face, aim to show them how your sector as a whole solves these problems, then you can talk about how you have personally helped people in your own way, why you are different to the rest. You need to earn the right to sell.


Don’t just talk AT your audience, talk TO them as well! If you’re lucky enough to get people tweeting you or commenting on your post/blog, don’t ignore them, make them aware that you appreciate their contribution by chatting with them and answering any questions they have. If they disagree with you take it as a compliment, they have taken the time out to share their thoughts with you on the subject and if you can start a healthy debate (not an argument) then it’s just another opportunity to show of your expertise!

Fresh Weekly Content

It’s great to post about good articles you’ve read, mind-blowing videos you’ve just watched and funny or touching pictures you’ve related too, but sooner or later you’ll realise that all this traffic could be directed to your own site or YouTube channel. If your audience find your content valuable enough a magical thing starts to happen, they share it too because it enables them to add value to their friends or followers.

Sharing is a funny thing, we share music because it evokes a certain emotional response in ourselves that we then want to evoke in someone else. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t created that piece of music, we still feel responsible for making them feel that way. It’s the same with any type of content, if you can make content that educates, makes someone laugh or makes someone cry it’s inevitably going to get shared. When people start sharing your content, that’s free marketing! Eventually this will improve your website’s SEO (we both know you want to at the top of the first page of Google), grab attention, establish yourself or company as the experts and put the fear of god in your competitors.


Following all these tips will put you on the road to building a negative proof business that won’t be blown over.

I love my job as I get to live my passion everyday! I help companies and individuals to establish a solid easy-to-follow video marketing plan that is both fun and hugely entertaining not only for the viewer but for the CLIENT! The saying goes “People buy from people,” so I always think it’s great if the person who sells is the face of the campaign, but we’ve even used trained actors to represent companies, anything is possible, you just need to make the first step.

If you want any help getting started on this exciting journey please give me a ring on – 0121 647 2289 for a friendly chat! Helping is in my nature.

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