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Why you need a professional photo for Linkedin

What does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you?

Go on, take a quick look at your own profile photo, what impression do you think it’s giving? It’s not always the best one!

You do see it a lot, people using selfies, holiday snaps, photos from a crazy night out… sure you look absolutely amazing in that photo, but come on, it’s not a dating site. It may be fine when you’re just getting to grips with LinkedIn, but if you’re looking for real opportunities and to make a positive impression on there, something needs to be done about this.

Think about the reason you’re using LinkedIn in the first place, most likely you want to make BUSINESS contacts that can help you grow your BUSINESS.

This is the place to keep it professional and you really should be using a professional head shot if you want to be taken seriously (I know you know this!)

Here at Lumina Studios we are running our ‘Studio Session’ offer where for just £99 (+VAT) you can get up to 5 edited hi-res head shots to be used online and on any other marketing material


You’ll get to record a mini signature video to embed into your e-mail signature!
Soon everybody will have one of these so jump the gun and get ahead. You can use this video to introduce yourself if you email mostly people you’ve not met or maybe to promote a service that your regular contacts don’t already know you offer, or give any other message you can think of.

Sound good? Get in touch now and we’ll get you booked in.

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Thanks for reading!